Anna Pla-Narbona


Renée Joosten.
iCrave, NYC

Commissioned, 2018

A short documentary series where world-class professionals share their ideas on light, design and space.

Conversations shares the ethos of different profiles linked to lighting and space design, showing their work process, their perception of light in architecture or the future of the profession, among other topics.

Daniel Blaker.
Nulty, London

JOI-Design Innenarchitekten, Hamburg

Susanna Cots Design, Begur, España

Elizabeth von Lehe. HDR, New York City

Digital content for Vibia. Project made with Clase agency.
Photography by Carlota Grau and Mònica Figueres.

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Anna Pla-Narbona is a visual storyteller based in Barcelona developing her practice in both photographic and audiovisual mediums. She balances her personal work with commercial projects in order to build her own voice and sight.

Her clients include Estrella Damm, Vibia, Tous or Nowness, among others.

You can contact her by mail (annaplanarbona[at], on the phone (+34 699 878 709), or follow her on instagram or tumblr.