Anna Pla-Narbona
Fata Morgana
Fashion film, 2023
Quería olvidarte, Benjamín Walker
Music video, 2023
Personal photography, 2023
La última vez, Technicolor Fabrics
Music video, 2022
Pretty Ballerinas – SS22 Campaign
Commissioned, Fashion film, 2021
Cocoro, Cambiemos las reglas
Commissioned, 2021
Personal project, 2021
VIU Empordà
Commissioned, Photography, 2021
Josep Pla-Narbona
Audiovisual portrait, 2017
Tourism Girona
Commissioned, Photography, 2021
Language of strangers
cinematography, 2020
Photography, 2021
La Mercè, Estrella Damm
Commissioned, 2019
To Bloom
Fashion film, 2020
RES Music Festival
Commissioned, 2020
Editorial, Photography, 2019
Commissioned, 2018
Personal photography, 2020
Portrait of Pascual Iranzo
Audiovisual portrait, 2018
No Tempo
Fashion film, 2019
Essay 120mm
Personal photography, 2018
Faces of South America
Personal photography, 2016
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Anna Pla-Narbona is a visual storyteller currently based between Mexico City and Barcelona developing her practice in both photographic and audiovisual mediums. She balances her personal work with commercial projects in order to build her own voice and sight.

Her clients include Estrella Damm, Vibia, Tous or Nowness, among others.

You can contact her by mail (annaplanarbona[at], on the phone (+34 699 878 709), or follow her on instagram or tumblr.